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Bug#134045: b-f needs to be updated to compile with slang1a-utf8

Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> cum veritate scripsit:

> > With the introduction of slang1a-utf8, 
> > boot-floppies needs to be modified to compile/run with the new slang.
> Okay, nice work, but how should we be able to compile both, utf8 and
> non-utf8 versions of dbootstrap now? The -dev packages seem to conflict.
> The only way I see is to fetch one of them, extract localy and modify
> the patchs from Makefiles. Any better idea?

Did we really need the two versions ?
My impression was that we used -utf packages in both
packages, unlesss localized b-f was to be built, which 
we won't.

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