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3.0.19-bf2.4 install report

I just installed the 2.4 kernel boot-floppies, went pretty well.

The only hitch i encountered was the mbr, after i installed i changed the bios boot drive, then when it tried booting i got "L 01 01 01...." with 01 constantly repeating... i vagually remember seeing a warning about doing such a thing.

I did a net install, i made the boot, root and 4 driver disks but happily discovered the 8139too driver built into kernel, so i only need 2 disks, retrieved everything via the network.

I tested out a few things that have caused problems previous.

When configuring the network i told it use dhcp even though i dont have a dhcp server, it timed out and went back ot manual configuration as it should.

I deliberately typed in the wrong url to start the downloads, i got the "Malformed release file" that has caused problems in the past, i re-did it wiht the correct url and had no problems.

I repartioned using cfdisk, it re-read the partition table and displayed the results in dbootstrap as it should.

It would be nice if a more local defualt mirror was provided... there is a low severity bug requesting it, ill have a look at making a netselect busybox applet, a bit late to adding new features to bf, but it would make a handy addition to busybox anyway i think.


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