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Problems installing the base system

Thanks for a great distrubution!
I first installed debian on my other machine, which supports
booting from the cd-rom. But, my latest one don't, it's a old machine, (5 years i think). So I made myself one Rescue and one Root bootdisks, so i could boot into the installation program that way.
The problem is, when I select cd-rom as the installation medium in the install step "Install Operating System Kernel and Modules" in the first step in search of the files (I think) "Installing the Rescue Floppy from floppy images on mounted medium" it either just hangs, or it says some error message, and "ioctl: LOOP_CLR_FD: Device not configured".
I think the startup found my cd-rom cause it said something about this as the Rescue disk booted the installation system. And, the cd-rom "read led" is lighten green as the installation program begins checking the cd-rom.
If you've could help me solve this problem I'd be very thankful.
                                    Kristoffer Wänglund

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