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Re: searching boot-floppies for udma 100 (promise)

On Sat, 2002-02-09 at 11:38, MaX wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm searching for an unofficial boot floppy for potato with support for the promise controller (Ata100)
> someone can send me an address?
> Another question:
> woody can support ata100 diring the installation?
> tnx
> MaX

Is this the semi software/hardware IDE RAID that Promise produces. We've
had bad experiance in the past with the binary only drivers but open
source drivers appeared in the -ac kernel series, these patches have now
been merged into the the mainstream 2.4 kernel series. So make your own
set of boot disks with 2.4 and compile in support for the controller.

Woody will ship with 2.2 and 2.4 bootdisks if i remember right.
Rob 'robster' Bradford

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