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Re: m68k basedebs.tgz broken

* Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> [20020202 11:58]:
> > The installer (from 3.0.18-2001-12-21) doesn't seem to cope
> > (there's an error flashing on the main screen but no details
> I've no idea what dbootstrap expects here. debootstrap expects
> either /path/to/foo.tar or /path/to/foo.tgz.

debootstrap probably breaks because the file is called .tgz but is
actually a tar archive.

998:tbm@auric: ..s-i386/base-images-current] zcat basedebs.tgz | tar -vtf - | less
zcat: basedebs.tgz: not in gzip format
1000:tbm@auric: ..s-i386/base-images-current] file basedebs.tgz
basedebs.tgz: GNU tar archive

debootstrap has:
  if [ "${UNPACK_TARBALL%.tar}" != "$UNPACK_TARBALL" ]; then
    (cd "$TARGET" && tar -xf "$UNPACK_TARBALL")
  elif [ "${UNPACK_TARBALL%.tgz}" != "$UNPACK_TARBALL" ]; then
    (cd "$TARGET" && zcat "$UNPACK_TARBALL" | tar -xf -)

Martin Michlmayr

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