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m68k basedebs.tgz broken


it seems the current m68k basedebs.tgz (as found at)
is a plain tar archive, uncompressed. (Previously, it was gzip compressed,
at least the copy I have from around April last year).

The installer (from 3.0.18-2001-12-21) doesn't seem to cope (there's an
error flashing on the main screen but no details logged on console #3).
I've extracted the archive manually now and continue faking a net install
(with the debs already in place). Unless it's a simple installer-basedebs
version mismatch, can we get that fixed next time? 

There should be a way to continue a net install that got interrupted by
flaky network hardware, by the way (meaning zero length or otherwise
broken .debs need to get re-fetched). As far as I recall, I had to
remove the broken .deb myself to get the install to proceed further. 
My ethernet card would be the perfect test case for this :-)

Hardware: Atari TT, 14 MB RAM, couple of SCSI disks, Lance based VME
ethernet card that seems to go belly up after x amount of traffic,
needing a reinit... 


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