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Re: Things we need from sid

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On Thursday 24 January 2002 09:59, Herbert Xu wrote:
> Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> wrote:
> I would be happy to do so if someone can show me why we really need 2.4
> boot floppies on i386.  So far, the only reasons I've seen are:
> 1. Support for new hardware.
> Without initrd, you can include only so many hardware drivers.  And for all
> of the important drivers that I can think of (such as NetGear FA311TX,
> AICRAID, Promise Ultra IDE etc.), the support is already in at least one of
> the latest 2.2 images anyway.

I'm running some new quite expensive servers. Dual processor, 1GB RAM, and 
not to forget a few ultra-fast-wide-narrow,bla.bla scsi-3 disks. And oh, it's 
the Mylex AcceleRAID adapter, and oh I can't install with a 2.2 kernel, since 
there are no DAC960 drivers in any of the boot disks!

Thus I have downloaded and build my own custom kernel, given boot-floppies 
and debootstrap a good look, and build my own installation CD for these 
machines. Because I really want to run Debian.

So far so good. But I installed Mandrake 8.0 on the first server I got. I 
needed something running fast, and didn't have time to do this work then.

8 MONTHS later, having had the time, I have reinnstalled with Debian and my 
own handmade CD. 

If you would include an optional boot/installation cd with kernel 2.4, using 
initrd to support DAC960 and USB, I will sing with joy!

I would rather help someone have a viable alternative boot/installation disk 
with 2.4, than do such things alone.

And I'm looking forward to telling other people who know windows 2000 server, 
that installing debian isn't that hard. They just need to make diskettes, buy 
a book about basic Linux, and off they go!

Right now I give them CD's with Mandrake 8.1, as I didn't have time to make
many flavoured kernels, or set up 2.4 with every module, and an initrd to 
load them at boot.

I really look forward to having the possibility of using kernel 2.4 while 
installing from some pre-debian-made diskettes/cdrom.

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 Jørgen Hermanrud Fjeld


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