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Re: [i386] introducing a kernel 2.4 installation flavor

On Tue, Jan 15, 2002 at 01:02:12AM +0100, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> Hello Adam, hello everyone. 
> As promised on IRC, I have worked on a useable solution for using the
> 2.4 kernels in our current boot floppies and I think I have one.

provided we can meet the following criteria, i have no objections to the
use of 2.4.x, and dropping of 2.2.x:

1) (mandatory) we are still able to use ext3/resierfs/xfs(if available)
   as the root partition. this would either mean building the install
   kernel with ext3/resierfs/xfs(if available) statictly in the kernel
   (unlikely) or include them as modules int he RAM disk (possible, but
   might take up more room on the root disk that we don't really have).

2) (optional, but nice) we are able to support a 2.2.x install by the
   end user dropping in a 2.2.x kernel by following the instructions for
   using a custom kernel

basically, i don't want to see us lose our options to support multiple
filesystems on the root partition. it would be great if one flavour
could do all supported filesystems, and it looks like 2.4.x will be able
to do that.


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