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what's holding up 3.0.19 ?


I really think we should release 3.0.19 soon, because it needs more
testing.  So, what's holding it back?  

Looking at a selection of the bug list:

#126489, #127955: I've just tagged these pending, 3.0.19 will fix them
#120386: looks like something we need to fix, but I don't know much
         about it.
#123948: this one can be a priority for 3.0.20 or later
#128258: PReP work is still ongoing, this one can be delayed for 3.0.20 
         or later
#127971: I am not sure about this one, but it can probably wait.  
         I've certainly never seen it.
#110717: This one can wait for 3.0.20 or later.
#116093: This one is definitely present in potato (I just tried it
         a few days ago), but I'm not sure about woody.  It's important,
         but it can probably wait for 3.0.20 too.

We are also waiting on #127258 in order to close #126205, although it's
not absolutely critical.  If the maintainer doesn't fix that one soon, I
can just upload the package I've been using to test.

Any other thoughts/opinions?

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