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netbooting root.bin?

On a different track, that's very not jumpstart like, I'm just
attempting to net boot kernel + root.bin :-).  I get through
most of the way - pxelinux.bin loads kernel, loads root.bin,
passes to the kernel:

LABEL installer
 KERNEL vmlinuz-2.2.19
 APPEND initrd=Debian2.2r4-root.bin root=0100 rw mem=256M panic=180

For the most part, things go well.  The installer actually does load up.
DHCP at this point fails (haven't sniffed the wire yet to see if it's
requesting one) but a static IP assignment for this purpose is fine.  It
does fetch machine packages over http.  However, at some point, it goes
back to try and pull from the floppy disk, which of course I didn't boot
off of.  I'm *assuming* that it wants to get the kernel off the boot

Anyone with a better suggestion for going about getting a network-booting
interactive install going?   Once kernel/root.bin boot, I want the rest of
the activity to be http, not nfs.

 Jason Fesler  <jfesler@gigo.com>  http://gigo.com/resume.html
 "Those who give up essential liberties for temporary safety
  deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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