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Re: smc-ultra module: woody has the same problem as potato? An odd work around?

> In message <[🔎] E16NBzz-00072g-00@rakefet>, Shaul Karl writes:
> >When trying to load the smc-ultra module I get an error.
> What is the exact error message that you see?

I tried to reproduce it and failed. Now it works as expected, apart 
from a few messages about not being able to create 
/target/usr/sbin/modules (probably wrong about the exact path) which 
goes away.
>From memory the error message said the device or resource are busy and 
suggested that it could be due to wrong parameters that were given as 
input. I believe the same message was written more then once.

> >The work around that seems to work for me is to feed the 4 drivers 
> >diskettes as debootstrap suggests, let it be utared and then to reboot 
> >the system. That is, reboot instead of using debootstrap way to load 
> >the modules.
> I think you mean dbootstrap here.  Debootstrap is something else and doesn't
> really get involved with modules.

You are right. It is dbootstrap. I took its name from the installation 
manual and was not paying attention that it is d rather then de.

> p.


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