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Re: Bug#122750: serial console trouble

On Sat, Dec 08, 2001 at 06:24:06PM +0000, Philip Blundell wrote:
> Both /etc/inittab and /etc/securetty look like they should be set up
> appropriately by update_console_info() in baseconfig.c.  Either this
> isn't happening, or something later is overwriting the changes.
> Can someone with a serial console try to reproduce the problem, and see
> if the files have the correct contents immediately after configuring the
> base system, and/or if there is any unusual output on the log terminal?

I did a serial install on ppc with 3.0.18. I checked
/target/etc/securetty right after the installation of base, before
even rebooting, and verified that ttyS0 is included there.

The inittab was also (un)commented correctly for termwrap on ttyS0.

For posterity, if anyone else ever does a serial install on powerpc,
you will save yourself some headache by using console=ttyS0,38400
rather than 9600. That's because OpenFirmware uses 38400, and if you
have to boot into OF over the serial line, then try to boot the
kernel, the keyboard misbehaves rather badly at 38400 when the kernel
is expecting 9600.

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