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Bug#125780: boot-floppies failure

> >Package: boot-floppies
> >Version: 12/18/01 testing
> >Severity: grave
> >
> >When trying to install the base during installation, I get:
> >
> >Malformed release file
> >http://http.us.debian.org:80/debian/dists/woody/Release
> This can be caused by any number of transient downloading problems.
> Did you try another server, and does it happen repeatedly?

  I tried three servers, although I don't remember which ones.  They were
one I use on my other machine for apt-get.  I finally gave up and used the
potato install, which worked flawlessly.

  I am really pretty surprised how buggy the testing installer is compared
to the testing version in general.  There were many, many problems, but I
couldn't narrow down any of them to even know where to submit the bugs to.
I'm sure it is a really tough system to debug.  It would be nice if there
were something like the Mozilla talkback mechanism, but since the
installer is running before anything is set up, that's impossible.

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