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default directory in choose_archive_dir()

code snippet:

    216 static int choose_archive_dir(char *text, char *prefix)
    217 {
    243     if (!preventry) {
    244         /* CM_MOUNTPOINT_DIR is default if it's mounted */
    245         if (!system("cat /proc/mounts | grep -q " CM_MOUNTPOINT_DIR))
    246             preventry = strdup(CM_MOUNTPOINT_DIR);
    247         else 
    248             preventry = strdup("");
    249     }

this is completely useless when you are installing from a harrdrive
partition. worse yet, it is misleading. the ``/instmnt'' is placed on
the selection, with a note that says that it is not even required.  very
few hard drive partitions would have such a directory, and when you
simply hit return, it comes up with with the same screen, but the entry removed.

worse yet, if you hit tab to the <...> an error, and feeds you right back to
the dialog box, with the same (wrong!) default.

i'm right now leaning towards removing that check altogether, and giving
the user a blank entry line

however, there might be a legitimate reason for that default _to_ be
there (say when installing from cdrom, or nfs, or whathave you) i simply
do not know.

if no one can say ``yes! this is important!'' i will remove it.


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