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Install CPQ Proliant 1600 SCSI/Smart array Controller 221


I am having nightmares trying to install Debian 2.2.R3 from CD onto
a Compaq Proliant 1600 with a smart-array controller 221 with two SCSI drives.

Using on-screen help (F1), I was able to specify the sym53c8xx SCSI controller
module at the boot prompt.......and it appeared to load fine.  However, the 
installer could not recognize the hard-drive(s) after configing the 
keyboard....I assume I need another module loaded (?cpqarray??).  

I'm installing from the 3-CD set, I don't understand why the damn thing
wants me to insert a driver floppy......shouldn't the drivers be on the CD???

What do I do next?  <I think I need to load a module from
the install CD, but don't have a clue as to how to get it to do that.>

Thank you for any hints.

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