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Bug#123782: boot-floppies: dbootstrap's wget should use passive ftp

On Wed, 12 Dec 2001 23:09:30 -0600
"Mike Coleman" <mkc@mathdogs.com> wrote:

> If I'm reading net-fetch.c correctly, its call to 'wget' doesn't use
> ftp.  This will fail for people behind many firewalls.
> Shouldn't it use --passive-ftp by default?  AFAIK, turning it on
> (virtually) never cause a problem, and will be a lot better on

busybox wget as used by the installer doesnt support the --passive-ftp
option, but looking at the busybox wget code it does send the PASV
command, so maybe it does it assumes this behaviour. (i didnt look into
it very deeply though)


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