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Re: alpha boot disk report, plus q: where is base tarball?

On Wed, Dec 12, 2001 at 09:45:29PM -0600, Mike Coleman wrote:
> I tried installing on a DS10 just now with the latest testing boot floppies.
> It went fine up to trying to access the archive via ftp.  The machine is
> behind a NAT firewall that blocks port 80 access.  There's a web proxy, but it
> requires authentication, which the boot floppies seem not to support.  I tried
> ftp access, but I immediately get the "corrupted Packages (Release?)" message,
> which I gather means a network error.  I can ping the ftp server, but I'm not
> sure how to tell whether the ftp is failing or whether it's trying to access
> in active mode, which would fail through the firewall.  It'd be nice if a
> specific explanation for the failure was given.  Any ideas?
> Also, in the past I would have pulled down the base tarball and grabbed it
> locally (e.g., via NFS).  The base tarball seems no longer to exist, though (I
> guess because of package pools).  How can I get the same effect under the new
> regime?  That is, how do I pull down the base packages only?  I can't seem to
> find this documented anywhere.

It's not documented yet, except look in this list's archives, as
recently as last week.

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