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Bug#123661: boot-floppies: 3.0.18(cvs) serial console unusable on i18n enabled flavours (i386)

some additional information:

it is caused by the spawning of bterm in the /sbin/udbootstrap script.

i changed the script to:

if (</dev/fb0) 2>/dev/null && ! /usr/bin/tty | grep -q ttyS ; then
export LC_CTYPE=C@utf-8 
exec /usr/bin/bterm -f /unifont-reduced.bgf /sbin/dbootstrap
exec /sbin/dbootstrap

based upon the model in /etc/init.d/check_fb.sh. it worked in a chroot,
but failed when booted.

when i commented out the entire if .. fi clause, it worked fine.


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