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new ibook, b-f, kernel 2.4


I tried to install woody on my new ibook (G3/600/384MB) with current
boot-floppies 3.0.17 over network (in OF: boot enet:bootp,<ip>,yaboot).

The kernel is booting fine and the installer gets started. The problem
is, I need the network to install, but the gmac driver in 2.2.19 is to
old to handle my builtin 10/100 network adapter.

So I tweaked around with b-fs and managed to include kernel and modules
from kernel-image-2.4.16-powerpc_2.4.16-1_powerpc.deb.

I also included the modules loop.o and unix.o and modules.dep into the
root.bin as the installer needs them (e.g. extract rescue.bin).

My problem is: The installer does not see my harddisk. It is definitely
there, as I can mac-fdisk, mke2fs and mount manually.

I wonder how the installer is searching for harddisks?
Or are the any kernels (2.2 with patched gmac driver, or 2.4) around
specialized for this task?

During bootup I also got these messages multiple times after
initializing the ide driver:
IN from bad port cfc at c00d0aa4
. (all the same)
IN from bad port c000 at c00d0bb8
IN from bad port c100 at c00d0bb8
                  . (incrementing)
IN from bad port cf00 at c00d0bb8

Sounds like it is related to the harddisk problem.

I'll appreciate very much any help.

As soon as I get this working, I'd like to put it somewhere, so others
can use this hacked b-fs to install there new machines.


     Florian Friesdorf <42ff@gmx.net>
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