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Re: Bug#123325: -pic packages lack depends

Enrique Zanardi <ezanardi@id-agora.com> writes:

> I fail to see why the -pic packages depend on the non -pic packages.
> As you know, the -pic packages contain only a library of routines
> compiled with PIC. Those routines can be extracted from the library
> and used to build subsets of the newt shared library, without
> needing to use the shared library itself in the process, and that's
> what this packages are for, so, I don't see why they must depend on
> the non -pic packages...  May you explain that to me, or point me to
> the relevant thread on debian-*, please?

Actually, my understanding is that the libx-pic packages goes with the
libx package -- the former containing PIC versions of the code also in
the latter.  The process of reduction, in fact, requires *both* of
these are installed.  The link step is done using the normal .so file,
and then the reduction uses the _pic.a files.

This sort of dependancy is the case with libc6 for instance:

> apt-cache show libc6-pic | grep ^Depends
Depends: libc6 (= 2.1.3-19)

In fact, we have some extra problems because you have two "variants"
of libnewt (normal and utf8) without different sonames.  For reduction
to work reliably, the utf8 and non-utf8 PIC archives should conflict,
and both go in the same place on the file-system.  One half of this
problem is solved already by having the dependancy on the libnewt0 or
libnewt-utf8-0 packages.

...Adam Di Carlo..<adam@onshore-devel.com>...<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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