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woody install on alpha

to whom it may concern:

i just installed woody on an alpha system and i encountered a couple of
potential issues/problems that you might want to hear about:

my system is 164ux based and uses arcbios. i downloaded the floppy images and
milo from "3.0.17-2001-11-2". 

- the ruffian milo doesn't seem to be able to read from fat filesystems, and
  therefore can't boot the rescue floppy. i replaced it with a version i ripped
  of a suse cd that can read fat. this one says "v1.1 Jay's hacked version" on
- the driver-1.bin and driver-2.bin seem to be corrupt, since they cannot be
  read by dbootstrap. the md5sums are ok, and the rescue floppy can be read too.
  if i dd these files to floppies, these floppies don't seem to have a
  filesystem known to me/my kernel any more. i did the installation from net
  and didn't need the floppies any more.

if you need more detailed information about anything or want me to try 
something, just ask.


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