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Re: Updated dbootstrap's pt.po patch

Hi Adam,

Em Sab 08 Dez 2001 20:56, Adam Di Carlo escreveu:
> Andre Luis Lopes <andrelop@ig.com.br> writes:
> >    Here's another dbootstrap's pt.po patch. This one fixes some minor
> > spelling errors, a couple of formatting problems and bring pt.po
> > up-to-date to the latest CVS version as of today (in real, some minutes
> > ago).
> >
> >    Please could someone commit ?
> >
> > P.S.: If there's a way to obtain CVS write access to commit my
> > future updates please point me to how it could be done so I'll be
> > able to stop making noise on the list and don't bother developers
> > with my patches.
> Send me a username and password, encrypted with my PGP key (GPG works
> too) on the debian keyring.  If you have an account on
> klecker.debian.org, you don't need to do this.

   I already sent you a pair of username/passwords encrypted using your key 
from the debian-keyring package. Did you got it ?

André Luís Lopes
andrelop at ig dot com dot br
Debian-BR Project

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