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2 problems with installation regarding network config and boot loaders

Greetings all,

First, I am not currently subscribed, so send me an email if you want to ask questions.

I just tried an install based on a CD image found here

I would like to say that the overall feel seems to be improving, keep up the great work.

There are some problems though, number one;
I currently live at the end of an ADSL connection, this requires pppoe. However the install does not provide an exit during the network config phase which I can bypass the setup network option. This is because I have an ether net card (actually 2) installed and the installation process assumes that I should be able to use it.

Proposed solution, either put pppoe in the base install or provide an opt out in network configuration.

Secondly, I have multiple versions installed on multiple partitions and GRUB is my friend. There does not appear to be an option (I believe there used to be) where I can say "I already have a boot loader" and " no I don't want to install one".

Proposed solution, put an option in the make bootable section for "I already have a boot loader", or better yet, include grub (probably not going to happen this late in the release cycle :-/ ).

Thanks again for all the great work. If  anyone needs to contact me,


esoR ocsirF

PS. I am cross posting to boot and testing, my apologies for any duplications that pop up in your mail box.

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