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Re: dbootstrap's pt.po : Conflicts during merge in CVS

In message <[🔎] 20011208195203.6CBF71EAD0@foobar.homelab.net>, Andre Luis Lopes wri
>RCS file: /cvs/debian-boot/boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap/po/pt.po,v
>retrieving revision 1.60
>retrieving revision 1.61
>Merging differences between 1.60 and 1.61 into pt.po
>rcsmerge: warning: conflicts during merge
>cvs server: conflicts found in utilities/dbootstrap/po/pt.po
>   Please could someone point me to what's the problem with the translated 
>file ?

You'll have to check for yourself.  Most likely Adam made some trivial changes
to formatting or the like while applying the patch, and these have spooked CVS 
out.  Look for sections in the file surrounded by "<<<<<<" markers.


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