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Re: i18n and libnewt?

Phil Blundell <pb@nexus.co.uk> writes:

> >How can you be sure we're not doing reduction?  After all, 'make
> >check' in i18n mode demands libnewt-utf8-pic is installed.
> Yah, but libnewt-utf8-pic installs as /usr/lib/libnewt-utf8_pic.a, whereas
> mklibs.py will be looking for a libnewt_pic.a (since libnewt-utf8's soname
> is still libnewt.so.0).  I'm pretty sure this means that mklibs will give up
> and just copy the .so over.

Hmm, ok, so installing libnewt-utf8_pic.a would be totally useless?

> >Perhaps we need to demand that in fact no libnewt*pic packages are
> >installed for "heterogenous" i18n builds such as i386 where some
> >flavors are i18n and some are not.
> Seems like a reasonable plan, yes.

That's what I do no.

Regarding slang, are we in the same boat?  Do they have the same
soname?  Removing all slang*-pic packages is not an option because it
makes the image no long fit...

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