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i18n and libnewt?

Philip Blundell <philb@gnu.org> writes:

> Finally, we could just make sure that the versions of newt and slang that end
> up on single-locale boot floppies are the non-UTF8 ones.  This seems like the
> most attractive proposition right now and I'm pretty sure it will make the
> problem go away.

Don't we do this already?  If not lets change it to make this so.

I'm concerned what is happening with the i386 build, with both i18n
and non-i386 boot-floppies.  For one thing any i18n images aren't
working at all now.

For the other thing, you can't seem to have both libnewt*-pic packages
installed and have mklibs.py know to use the right one for the right
image.  Isn't this going to cause serious problems with library

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