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Bug#78750: Processed: duh

>> in the game, set the bug to wishlist priority and we'll find a way to work 
>> around the immediate modconf problem in boot-floppies.
>I wouldn't call it a workaround as that's how it's supposed to work anyhow.
>The only way for it to not work is if the parport_pc module was missing as
>lp calls parport_enumerate, which loads parport_lowlevel which resolves to
>parport_pc on i386.

Well, yeah, but at the point modconf runs you don't necessarily have an
appropriate /etc/modules.conf in place.  Remember that this all happens
really early, during the first stage of installation before the base system
is set up.  But, I suppose it's not too big a deal to make it work well
enough for the purpose.


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