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Bug#78750: Processed: duh

In message <[🔎] 20011207075540.A32403@gondor.apana.org.au>, Herbert Xu writes:
>NFS is completely different, it's not a hardware device.  IMHO you should
>compare it with other parport devices, e.g., pd/pf/etc.  They all fail to
>load unless you actually have the devices present.

Right, but that doesn't mean they _should_.  The PARIDE drivers, in particular,
are basically old-style code that is not particularly well integrated into 

USB is another example of a system that lets you load the protocol modules
independently of port drivers.  This is definitely the way parport was intended
to behave; it obviously just didn't end up that way in 2.2.

If, though, you think that fixing this is too much of a change for this point 
in the game, set the bug to wishlist priority and we'll find a way to work 
around the immediate modconf problem in boot-floppies.


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