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Success with 3.0.17

I've just installed onto an ancient Compaq DeskPro XE 560 with the
3.0.17 compact boot-floppies and fetching the base system over HTTP, and
I had very few problems.

* I had to manually put a link in from /boot/boot.b to /boot/boot-text.b
(bug 122184) to help LILO.

* The pcmcia package was installed without asking me, so I got 
i82465.o: init_module: Device or resource busy etc. messages at boot
when /etc/init.d/pcmcia tried to insmod its modules. There used to be an
option to remove it.

* I use DHCP, and I got a corrupted search line in /etc/resolv.conf -
the domain had \000 appended (the 4 literal characters, not NUL). This
is presumably bug 74960, as I use an MS DHCP server. There was a simple
patch to /etc/dhclient-script suggested in the bug report a year ago -
any chance this could go in?

* base-config insisted on talking to nonus.debian.org directly for
non-US and security packages, even though I had told it to use a local

There were some long pauses when nothing obvious was going on before and
after fetching files, but the whole thing took about 30 minutes and the
machine is now working happily. I'll have a go at X later.

Ian Redfern.
Ian Redfern
Telecoms Solutions
Logica UK
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7446 1787
Email: RedfernI@logica.com

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