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install problem: Digital 5200

I'm sending mail to this list because of a help screen message (F4) that
comes up from the potato CD installer.

I'm trying to install Debian potato from CD onto a Digital 5200 - an old
300Mhz Pentium II server. The box has 5 4.3Gb SCSI disks that were
controlled by RAID on NT4. It also has a DDS2 tape drive - presumably
also SCSI.

It appears that the install system is hanging because it can't find any
hard disks on which to install. Could this be a BIOS/RAID/SCSI problem?

Below are some of the startup messages:

Please reply to this address as I'm not on the debian-boot list.

Thanks for any help!


Pheonix Bios Version 4.05

Adaptec AIC-7880 Ultra / Ultra W Bios v1.26S1.o1
1996 Adaptec, Inc

Digital Server 5000 Version 3.01
1996-1997 Digital Equipment Corportation

A bootable CD-ROM was detected in your CD-Rom Drive. Your Cd-Rom drive
is inserted as drive A (0h). The original Drive A: has bcome Drive B.

Timed out enquirey!

No SCSI boot device found

Then a list comes up:
SCSI 0: Quantum .... Drive C
and some other stats, but the message moves by too fast to do anything

BIOS shows : 
Hard Disk 0: none
Hard disk 1: none

(although we don't know the key presses to get into BIOS, there is a
readout just before the SYSLinux message below, headed "Copyright
1985-96 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.)
SYSLinux 1.48...: Boot failed  (several times, with pauses of about a
minute between them).

I get to the boot prompt if I push F4.

If I push enter at the boot: prompt, I get a series of messages while
the tape drive clicks
SCSI bus is being reset for host 0 channel 0.

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