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Re: Sparc installation packages corrupted

>>>>> "Carlos" == Carlos Betancourt <carlos@tradeware.be> writes:

    Carlos> First: is this the place to report issues regarding the
    Carlos> installation boot floppies and system?  In case it is, my
    Carlos> installation was unsuccessfull due to a "zcat: invalid
    Carlos> compressed data--crc error" "zcat: invalid compressed
    Carlos> data--length error"

I got that problem too, and was wondering which package had the errors.

I noticed that man-db was seg-faulting in cron.weekly/man-db, so I
reinstalled it (haven't tried it since). So maybe the problem was

I noticed when I did re-install it, I was asked questions that I had
never been asked before like: should man be run setuid root?

Hmmm... need to try it again now I have reinstalled it and see if it
still crashes.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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