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Re: boot-floppies: debootstrap failure due to install-info problem

Karsten Merker wrote:
> I have just tried the current boot-floppies cvs on mipsel (DECstation).
> Installation works for the most part, but debootstrap fails when
> configuring the packages for the base system. dpkg outputs "Processing
> was halted because there were to many errors".

I believe it is a bug in itself that dpkg stops when there are too
many errors, but this is another story :-)

> The problem is that install-info fails for many packages (i.e. tar,
> findutils, grep, fileutils, libreadline4, diff, textutils, sed,
> util-linux, gzip) and dpkg runs into a loop trying to configure
> libreadline4, util-linux and fileutils until it stops with the
> aforementioned message.
> install-info tells for all of these packages:
> "install-info: failed to lock dir for editing! No such file or directory!"
> Is this a mips/mipsel specific problem or does it occur on other
> architectures as well?

It was a bug in base-files_2.2.15, but it's already fixed in base-files_3.0.
It will be fixed in mips/mipsel as soon as base-files_3.0 is available
for those architectures (since base-files is "Architecture: any").

This bug never propagated to woody, so if you use woody you should be safe.

> The only thing possibly fitting to my problem is bug #2904 (which is from
> 1996), saying that the error message is misleading and really means
> "/usr/info/dir does not exist".
> According to the FHS this would have to be /usr/share/info/dir now, but
> this does not exist on a current system - I only have /usr/share/info
> and in it the info pages, which works fine. Any ideas?

I believed dpkg was ready for an install from scratch to have the dir
file at /usr/share/info, but I was wrong. I apologize for the inconvenience.

As a result, in woody the info system will have all the info files
at /usr/share/info but the index `dir' file will still remain at /usr/info.
[ As long as it works everybody should be happy ].

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