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boot-floppies: debootstrap failure due to install-info problem

Hallo everyone,

I have just tried the current boot-floppies cvs on mipsel (DECstation).
Installation works for the most part, but debootstrap fails when
configuring the packages for the base system. dpkg outputs "Processing 
was halted because there were to many errors".
The problem is that install-info fails for many packages (i.e. tar, 
findutils, grep, fileutils, libreadline4, diff, textutils, sed,
util-linux, gzip) and dpkg runs into a loop trying to configure
libreadline4, util-linux and fileutils until it stops with the 
aforementioned message.

install-info tells for all of these packages:
"install-info: failed to lock dir for editing! No such file or directory!"

Is this a mips/mipsel specific problem or does it occur on other
architectures as well?

The only thing possibly fitting to my problem is bug #2904 (which is from
1996), saying that the error message is misleading and really means
"/usr/info/dir does not exist".
According to the FHS this would have to be /usr/share/info/dir now, but
this does not exist on a current system - I only have /usr/share/info
and in it the info pages, which works fine. Any ideas?

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