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I've been forced to use RH7.[12] because of an old Company policy
(Commercial support, IBM certifications and such crap) for the
last 5 months.

NOW finally, they'll have started to recognise the fact that 'RedHat sucks
in a commercial server'... Well, let's not start a flame war about this,
IN CASE we have lurking RH people here, this is my opinion (backed up
with some experience :).

Anyway, we're doing a 'semi-embedded' system (hardisk, but a micro-installation
which in RH terms is ~400Mb!!). I've done micro installs of Debian under
40Mb. The installations should be able to be performed by aunt helga - the redneck' :)

Kick starting a RH system was invaluable in this regard.

Having done 100's of Debian installations, it's not easy!! How about adding
kick start option to Debian GNU/Linux as well? I might even get this funded
by my boss! :)

Anyone have an opinion how this should be accomplished before I create the
'Kickstarting in Debian GNU/Linux' cabal?

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