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Re: Install report, using latest CVS floppies

Jordi Mallach <jordi@debian.org> wrote:
First, it gave me a choice between eth0 and eth1, when I only have an
ethernet card, and dmesg only shows eth1, so I don't know where eth0
came from, and why it's using eth1 and not eth0.

This one _has_ to be fixed really soon now ! The Realtek Cards with the chip rtl8139 are
wide-spread (I have one too) and I have reported this bug 10 days ago to the list, too.
I tried several floppy sets, but 3.0.15 worked, so the bug has arrived in 16 or 17...
(Could not find a server carrying 3.0.16 so I was not able to try this set out)
This was my post:
I looked around a bit but could not find a reason why it shows eth0 and eth1 although I
only have one ethernet card...


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