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Bug#121189: lilo incorrectly configured

Package: boot-floppies
Severity: important
Version: N/A, woody

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From: Bo Lorentsen <bl@netgroup.dk>
Subject: woody boot-floppies
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Hi ...

I just tried the new boot floppies on two different mashines, and they
just just worked fine (using the ATA100-ext3 disks).

But the first machine gave me some trobles, as I installed in a HPT366
mashine (BP6). The system found and installed everything just fine, but
lilo gave me some trouble as the config file was wrongly generated.

The HPT366 drive was correctly detected as the device /dev/hde, but
lilo.conf was set to : "boot=/dev/hda".

This ofcause result in an error, but telling me that lilo could not
access more than 1024 cylenders, which is wrong (as this limit have been
removed from lilo, as far as I known), and because the real error was
that "/dev/hda" did not exist. I fixes this usign nano-tiny, and manual
lilo, and all worked out great.

I think this will generate the exact same error in a pure SCSI mashine.

Hope this will help making the boot diskes even more usefull.

Do you know if anyone have thougth about making a more user friendly
version of the boot disks (or boot CDROM)? They are quite nice in the
hand of a teknical person (I personlly find them easy to use, but I'm a
developer), but an end user will run away screaming :-), and that a
petty, as Debian is a quite nice system when first installed.


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