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Re: [again] basedebs.tgz: Supported or not?

On Wed, Nov 21, 2001 at 02:13:55AM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Right.  I was thinking it should be generated (and not by default) by
> building debootstrap a special way, with ByHand entries and a
> changelog and all that.  I talked to AJ about that, he provisionally
> ok'd but he should get approval or at least asked about any such
> changes (being also an archive maintainer).

Right. I expect to make a maintainer upload of debootstrap sometime
this week which'll do that. At that point, we/I'll just build basedebs
tarballs on auric "regularly".

> I belive you want to split it into 1.44M disk images as well.

How do you want this done? Just split, so they can be catted back
together to make the original file, or something more complicated (so
you can verify the disks are put in in the right order)?

Does anyone care about 1.2MB disk images, or anything else? Do we want
this done for all architectures, or are disk images unnecessary for some
(s390, maybe)?

I guess something like:


is a reasonable way to lay it out. Is it reasonable to expect that people
will be able to handle the long filenames and the multiple .'s?

> > It kind of sucks to add a large tarball to the mirrors of what is
> > essentially just the .debs they are already mirroring, plus a little
> > extra data, but I don't see a way around it.

Well, it's not *that* large. 

> Well, just for the benefit of the CD folks, if they are planning to
> provide the disk images on the CD.  Doing that was the consensus we
> arrived at -- e.g., for someone who has a CD and floppy at one
> computer but only a floppy and no network at another.

Or for someone with a network connection and a floppy at one end, but
no network at the other.


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