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Re: [Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>] Installed base-config 1.33 (all source)

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
>    * base-config: Added a KEEP_BASE_DEBS, which, if set to yes, will inhibit
>      the deletion of the apt cache when base-config runs on a new install. This
>      can be passed to lilo or whatever. Thanks to bod for the idea, which hits
>      exactly the mix of unobtrusiveness and functionality I wanted.
> We will need to document this.  I don't think we need to automate the
> setting of this variable, although we might want to put something
> about this in a message to the user before the reboot (unless 'quiet'
> is set).

Well, it is documented in base.config(8), which is why I added the
ENVIRONMENT section to it (see top of that changelog). 

There are other, IMHO more interesting things one can do now 
with setting variables at the boot prompt, such as:

lilo: linux DEBIAN_FRONTEND=readline

see shy jo

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