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Re: Translation statistics

Claus Hindsgaul <claus_h@image.dk> writes:

> You are completely right. It is more a convenience than a "must" for
> Danes (and other Scandinavians) to have their very own
> translations. The absence of a Danish (or Scandinavian) translation
> should'nt disable many scandinavians from installing Debian. But it
> would be easier for most native speakers and thus invite more to
> actually do it.
> And e.g. the Danish GNU-skole (GNU for Schools) find it very
> important to have real Danish translations in order to introduce
> Danish kids (and teachers) to Linux.

We have a project called Skolelinux in Norway, we will be making our
own CD and floppy images so that Norwegian (nynorsk and bokmål) and
possibly Sami are the only available choices.  Since our target is
well defined, we can get rid of some questions (keyboard layout,
timezone).  Our dream is to have no more than three questions from
bootup until working desktop :-) So far we've been concentrating on
translating the desktop and surveying educational software, though.

> If enough localisations of boot-floppies get up-to-date, we ought to
> consider splitting up the international floppies into two with
> different groups of locales built in.

I think Achim Bohnet's idea of a small boot-cdrom is a good one,
floppy drives are going away from consumer machines soon, anyway.  If
we can use a 2.88 MB root.bin, this problem goes away for most people.

Kjetil T.

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