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Debian por PowerPC

I'm trying to get Debian in my iMac (new world), I did can install Debian with minor problems (minor errors in some packages).
After the first execution, just after finished the installation, the system told me was unable to configure my video driver, it presented me a list of possible hardware devices, the right one is:
10025052|Ati technologies Inc|Rage 128 Pro AGP 4x

After rebooting, the Default Window Manager (twm) came to the screen; so I supose Debian finally did could get the driver.

The problem is with the mouse. One of the very last messages in the installation is about the mouse. It says that "if the mouse is not recognized in X environment, i can delete /dev/mouse and hope the system hardware scan could guess the conection". (more or less).
The mouse is not recognized. I power-off the system and deleted the /dev/mouse file but it didn't work.

My mouse (Apple Pro-mouse) is connected to one of the USB connections provided in the Apple Pro-Keyboard, the iMac has 4 USB connections: 2 in the monitor-CPU and 2 more in the keyboard.

I noted that the system recognized the mouse in "usb:4:0" when is doing the system check in the start-up, but is dismissed in he graphical environment.

Some hint to solve this item??

Thank you a lot.. 


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