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last gasp to achieve b-f i18n (was Re: LC build failing)

Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> writes:

> Yes, unfortunately.
> $ du -s -c *trm
> ...
> 1680    total
> $ tar c *.trm | gzip -9 | wc -c
>  506359
> IMHO no way to make it fit on the 1.44M disk.


> > If this is so, how come there is no way to build LC only for 2.88k
> > images?  Shouldn't someone work the logic of the makefiles to enable
> > this if LANG_CHOOSER is on?
> IMHO yes. Since the 2.2.x kernel have <= ~1040kB, we should have on
> 2.88M at least 330kB, so about the half of supported languages should
> fit on the disk.

After looking into it a bit, the sad fact is that we have no means of
producing a different root.bin for 1440 and 2880 sized disks.  So we
have to go with the minimum.

i186 has 1027 available on root.bin 1440 vanilla.  Other flavors seem
similar, although reiserfs is signifcantly smaller.

> Unfortunately, I did not have success on building
> LC-able BFs with limited number of languages. Doing so, dbootstrap
> crashed after complaining "could not load messages.trm".
> So, what is your opinion on this topic? Limit the number of languages?
> Or look for better boot options for the CD (patched Grub) which would
> make it possible to use non-default boot image format, so we get more
> space?

Well, honestly, I'm a bit shocked and amazed that we're at this point
in the process and no one has solved this problem so far.  But moving

I don't see any alternative to stripping down the language list. 
I suggest 'de pl fr es ja'.

I've added a langs_root var to config which is exported -- we need to
hack rootdisk.sh to use this.

...Adam Di Carlo..<adam@onshore-devel.com>...<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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