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Installation success on Powerbook G4 (TiBook, the newest model)


I installed 3.0.16 on the Powerbook G4 (550MHz version).
Basically follow the netboot mini-howto at penguinppc.org but with
these changes:
use a dhcp server which provides the yaboot binary. and you have
to go into the OpenFirmware bios because the default boot with
pressing n during the boot won't work. dunno why. if you come
there type "boot enet:bootp,<server-ip>,yaboot" then it should
download yaboot and the linux kernel image. at the boot: prompt
add video=ofonly to the bootoptions otherwise it won't proceede
after the root.bin is loaded from the tftpserver.
You should als read the mac-fdisk howto which is also at
penguinppc.org, especially if you want to keep mac os x or 9.
after that go on as usual. you should use the "Edit kernel parameters" or
something like that and enter there the video=ofonly option so it
becomes added to the yaboot.conf file so that oyu don't have to
provide it yourself when you reboot.

here is the part of the dhcpd.conf i used:
host maci {
  hardware ethernet     00:03:C3:0F:54:A4;
  filename              "/tftpboot/yaboot";

the only real issue is the OpenFirmware sillyness, but that will
be resolved, i hope :).

so long

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