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Bug#118869: Problems when installing woody on a laptop.

Package: install
Version: latest
Severity: important
Tags: woody


I just installed woody on my laptop and was surprised that
it autodetected my pcmcia card just fine. That is the good
news. The bad news is that when I rebooted my computer it
did not have dhcp (which I used in the beginning) installed
on the computer, and the pcmcia init script was not runned
at boot-time.

So I had to configure the network manually using route and
ifconfig. Then I runned tasksel with X and laptop and
everything installed just fine.

So two things is needed.

*1* The dhcp package should be downloaded
and installed in the first install run and the configuration
should be stored from the initial net configuration.

*2* If I have configured pcmcia it should be runned while booting.
There was also some error messages when running, so it
should probably be updated from the version in woody. I'm not
sure how this works, but a updated version was installed later
when tasksel was running.

Thanks for a new improved installation system. :)

Best regards,

// Ola

PS. I used a 3com pcmcia network card when installing.

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