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Re: boot-floppies: updated i386 and powerpc versions

> > 
> > the debootstrap progress dialog still sucks though, it stops on
> > `extracting whiptail...' and never changes until debootstrap finishes
> > and then the box is popped.   users will no doubt think something is
> > br0ke and do drastic things to make it broken.
> I think we should revert the progress bar, but replace
> the net-fetch module with the busybox wget code.  Then
> disable busybox wget.  That way we get the best of both
> worlds,

I don't get this.  The progress that we are trying to track here, I
think, is the extracting and installing process.  The download part of
the bootstrap works fine (both installing drivers/kernel and base).
debootstrap gives us nice progress updates while it is using busybox
wget, but it doesn't give nice progress after that.


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