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Re: s390-base-installation failure

Simon Fischer <pescador@muenster.de> writes:

> hello,
> As I'm new to this list a shortly introduction of myself:
> I'm working with Linux for S/390 for over 1 1/2 years now (at an IBM-Business 
> Partner in Germany) and would like very much to try the debian-port but I was 
> not able to get it installed yet:
> I tried to install the debian s390 port with the 3.0.15 bootfloppies on a 
> G3-Processor Machine with an OSA2 (with added IBM-lcs-oco-modules) and the 
> base-installation of dbootstrap exits with
> Failure trying to run: chroot /target mount -t proc proc /proc

Ok, this is a known problem in debootstrap which I believe I've fixed
for the next version.  You can work around it manually.  Before you do
the "install base system", on tty2, do 'umount /target/proc'

> On my 3270-emulation I got :
> -----------------------------------
> # illegal operation: 0001 
> CPU:    0 
> Process mount (pid: 2787, stackpage=05BAD000) 

That looks like a kernel barf spit out due to the bad attempt to mount
/target/proc twice.  Wierd you would get this but maybe it's normal
kernel debugging spam on s390.

...Adam Di Carlo..<adam@onshore-devel.com>...<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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