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Re: Woody install report

Sun, Oct 21, 2001 at 05:14:38AM -0500 wrote:
> I just downloaded b-f 3.0.15 (compact set, built on 2001-10-16) and
> installed Woody on my Dell Latitude C800 laptop. Everything went very
> smoothly. My only comments, questions actually, on the install(er) are:
> (1) what happened to the progress meters that used to show up when
> dowloading rescue.bin, drivers.tgz, etc ? I had gotten used to the
> download rate meter, progress meter, ETA info, etc. that used to be in
> the potato b-f/installer.

As Ethan pointed out, I pulled that out in favor of using busybox wget.
You should have gotten a really simple status bar though.  If you
didn't I'd like to hear about it.

> (2) can the base system files be downloaded by FTP ? I thought I saw an
> email posted to this list saying that FTP retrieval of base system files
> was possible.
Yes, in theory we can do everything over ftp as well as http now.

> (3) in the post-boot configuration, why are MD5 passwords defaulted to
> "No" ie not enabled ?
> (4) this is not totally related to debian-boot, but are there any plans
> to ship Woody with a 2.4 kernel ?
nope, and you are right, that isn't debian-boot who decides.


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