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Re: Not finding Kernel

El Mié 10 Oct 2001 13:52, Flossy escribió:
> Hello there debian linux ppl :-)
> I have recently downloaded the Debian 2.2 r3 iso images from the uk debian
> ftp site.
> The only computer I have available which has a CD burner on it is Windows
> 2000 with Nero 5 available as the the CD writting software. The CD disks I
> have had available are Vebatim 700MB disks.
> I have burnt the images by renaming the iso files to nrg and using data
> format 1, Block size of 2048 bytes per sector, File precursor and image
> trailer set to 0 length, No scrambled and no Swapped.

Don't do that, I remember that nero can burn iso images directly. Sorry, but
I don't know now where is exactly that option, but if you look menu options
you'll find it.

> It does then propmt whether it should correct a length problem. I have
> tried both correcting and ignoring.
> The Problem
> ------------
> The disk 1 does boot and start leading me though instalation, however when
> it comes to finding the kernel image off the CD, it fails and then looks on
> the floppy disk. I have tried using rawrite2 to create an appropriate disk
> on a varity of platforms but the instalation program fails to recognise it.
> So my instalation doesn't go any futher than noting the keyboard, making
> the partitions, mounting the root on hda1.
> ------------
> Thank you for your time and effort on this. I got the e-mail address from
> the help on the CD.
> Regards
> Flossy

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