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Not finding Kernel

Hello there debian linux ppl :-)

I have recently downloaded the Debian 2.2 r3 iso images from the uk debian
ftp site.

The only computer I have available which has a CD burner on it is Windows
2000 with Nero 5 available as the the CD writting software. The CD disks I
have had available are Vebatim 700MB disks.

I have burnt the images by renaming the iso files to nrg and using data
format 1, Block size of 2048 bytes per sector, File precursor and image
trailer set to 0 length, No scrambled and no Swapped.

It does then propmt whether it should correct a length problem. I have tried
both correcting and ignoring.

The Problem
The disk 1 does boot and start leading me though instalation, however when
it comes to finding the kernel image off the CD, it fails and then looks on
the floppy disk. I have tried using rawrite2 to create an appropriate disk
on a varity of platforms but the instalation program fails to recognise it.
So my instalation doesn't go any futher than noting the keyboard, making the
partitions, mounting the root on hda1.

Thank you for your time and effort on this. I got the e-mail address from
the help on the CD.



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