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cvs commit to base-config by joeyh

Repository: base-config
who:        joeyh
time:       Tue Oct  9 12:24:50 PDT 2001

Log Message:

   * More s/390 hackery, in tzsetup -- hwclock is not supported on this
     architecture, (though it is still installed currently), so if hwclock
     does not exist, don't try to use it, and if uname -m = s390, don't use
     it. No hu-hu, all I have to do is disable the ASKUTC code path.
     Closes: #115020
   * Marcin Owsiany:
     - updated Polish templates' translations
     - a few tiny typographic and typo fixes in original manpages
     - translated apt-setup.8, base-config.8, termwrap.8, tzsetup.8
       to Polish
     - changed the pattern in debian/rules to catch translated man
   * I told Marcin wrong, man pages should be ll.8, not 8.ll.


changed:    tzsetup

added:      apt-setup.pl.8 apt-setup.templates.ru base-config.pl.8 termwrap.pl.8 tzsetup.pl.8 tzsetup.templates.ru

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