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Proposal: drop i386/ide flavor

I suggest to remove the current i386/ide flavor and use udma100-ext3
instead. Reasons:

 - ide flavor has no support for very modern PCI cards, which makes
   Debian unuseable for many people. For example, SuSE has shiped with
   winbond-840 drivers for years. udma100-ext3 is patched with
 - no Ext3 support. Ext3 is stable enough, even the version in 2.2.
 - Woody will be shipped on 5 CDs. So there is enough space for 5
   flavors, I guess: default, save, reiserfs, idepci and ide.
   I suggest to replace either safe (not the best idea, IMHO) or ide
   with udma100-ext3 since it would replace it completely, IMHO.

 Windows is great, I used it to download Linux.
   -- Seen on Slashdot (14.01.2000)

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